11 Halloween Apple Recipes You Need To Try This Year

Despite its spooky origins, Halloween can actually be a wonderful time of year. As the leaves begin to fall and the streets are lined with hand-carved pumpkins and candlelight, it’s the first celebration of the autumn season. It’s also another great excuse to gather with friends and family, dress up, party and eat lots of tasty treats.

So, whether you’re throwing a big party or just looking for fun ways to entertain the kids during half term, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite apple-based Halloween recipes that you can try at home this year.

Tasty toffee apples

Let’s start with a classic. As a child, Halloween always meant toffee apples would find their way onto supermarket shelves. This was the ultimate delight; you could convince your mum it wasn’t so bad because it was an apple, despite it being covered in tasty, sticky sugar.

Well, this year, why not make your own Halloween toffee apples? There are plenty you can try yourself, from the classic red apple to adding a little black food colouring for a ‘poisoned’ apple effect.

You could also take it one step further with these brilliant skull caramel apples that are as delicious as they are spooky.

Quirky apple turnover mummies

What is the best thing about pastry? Is it the buttery taste, the flakey texture or the delicious filling? No, it’s the fact that it can be made to look like mummies wrapped in bandages, of course!

And what pairs great with flakey pastry? That’s right, scrummy apple pie filling. So if you’re looking for something fun and a little different this year, try your hand at these easy apple turnover mummies.

Or, if you want to mix it up a bit, you can try adding different flavours to your mummies, such as cinnamon or pecan, like these pecan ‘mummy’ dumplings.

Silly monster apples

With the number of sweets and cakes floating around over the Halloween build-up, you might not want everything to be an absolute sugar fest. And we’ve got you covered there too. These Halloween monster apples are a much healthier snack for your little ones (and grown-ups too), whilst also being a lot of fun to make.

Strawberries and seeds can help make these snacks even more nutritious, but if you want to keep it simple, this apple teeth recipe only requires one ingredient and still looks just as effective.

‘Poisoned’ apple cakes

If you’re looking for something a little more impressive, perhaps a centrepiece for your Halloween party, this is the recipe for you. This tasty tiered cake is topped with toffee apples and decadent chocolate trees for a ‘poisoned apple’ cake that is sure to get your guests talking.

Sweet Halloween dessert nachos

Have you ever heard of dessert nachos? Instead of savoury tortilla chips layered with meats, sauces and salsas, these are made up of sweet chips, often coated in cinnamon sugar. They are then topped with fruit, nuts and other sweet treats you fancy.

Essentially, you can make your sweet nachos using anything you want, and that includes this Halloween edition. Instead of savoury chips, you layer apple slices and then top these with chocolate, candy and sugary sauces.

These are ideal for sharing, either with your family or as a platter at your Halloween party.

Ghostly apple bites

This is another fun and easy recipe to do with the kids. This can also prove to be great party food and a snack which isn’t overloaded with sugar. Let’s leave that to the Trick or Treating hauls, shall we?

These very cute ghostly apple bites only require three ingredients but still look and taste great. Of course, you’ll have to source some edible candy eyeballs if you want to get the full effect of these ghoulish treats.

Skilful skillet apple minis

Finally, we have some little apple pies. Now, bear with us on this, as it might take a little creativity and DIY, but it can have a real impact once complete. These skillet apple minis are cooked in tiny skillets to be served as individual desserts.

Now, you might be thinking, what has this got to do with Halloween? Well, as we said before, bear with us. If you are prepared to put in the work, transfer these little desserts over to some miniature cauldrons to serve to your guests. This will make for a very fun and effective Halloween treat.

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