12 Ways To Use Apples At Christmas

Giving apples to loved ones at Christmas may be a Chinese tradition, but baking with them is something we can all enjoy.

And as Christmas is a time for family, food and merriment, there is no better time to bust out some delicious apple-based recipes that everyone will love.

Not to mention the green and red colour scheme is the epitome of the festive season and yet just another reason that apples are the perfect ingredient for this year’s Christmas baking bonanza.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration this December, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our 12 apple-based Christmas recipes below.

Delicious apple crumble or strudel

No Christmas dinner is complete without a delicious dessert to finish it off. Of course, a Christmas pudding is the traditional post-dinner delight (more on this later), but as there will always be those who are not keen on Christmas pudding, why not choose something the whole family would love?

The first two items on our list are classic desserts. This year, consider a warming apple crumble or delicious apple strudel. Both can be served with a selection of sides, either warm custard, cold ice cream or just as they come.

Whatever your side of choice, these delicious and timeless classics are sure to impress on Christmas Day.

The perfect evening cheeseboard and chutney

If you don’t want a dessert right after a large roast dinner, that’s understandable. But for many, an evening cheeseboard is yet another Christmas tradition that’s not to be missed. It’s also another perfect opportunity to use apples.

Of course, you can simply slice up your apples and use these to decorate the cheeseboard, as well as add a sweetness to the otherwise savoury meal. Grapes are also great for this.

Alternatively, you could create your own apple-based chutneys or jams to pair perfectly with your cheese and crackers. There are lots of different recipes you can try, including spicy apple and walnut or apple and onion chutney.

Accompanying applesauce

Roast dinners are often associated with large turkeys, but we know that this is not everyone’s meat of choice for the big day. For others, there’s beef, chicken, lamb, gammon and pork.

Each meat has its own carefully chosen condiment. There is mustard with beef, mint sauce with lamb and what goes great with pork?

Applesauce, of course!

So this year, if you’re serving pork for Christmas dinner, why not make your own apple puree or sauce condiment to go along with it?

You could keep this classic with a traditional recipe, or you could even take it one step further with something like a honey-roasted applesauce recipe for that extra wow factor.

A (not-so) traditional Christmas pudding

Did you know there are lots of exciting variations on the traditional Christmas pudding as well? So if you fancy something a little different this year to impress your guests, then why not add some apples into the mix?

For example, you could opt for an apple and carrot Christmas cake or perhaps an indulgent apple, date and toffee Christmas pudding instead.

You never know; you might even convert some of your family to love this new take on the Christmas pudding!

Moreish mince pies

Whether it’s a cup of tea and a mince pie after a busy day of Christmas shopping, a snack after your roast dinner, or a Boxing Day treat, mince pies or a staple of British Christmas cuisine.

But just as with Christmas puddings, there are lots of exciting variations you can try if you want to spice things up this year. Quite literally, in some cases, like with these tasty apple, date and cinnamon mince pies.

Flaky apple pastries

On Christmas morning, you might not want a heavy breakfast. After all, you’ve got to save space for your roast dinner and tasty evening treats. In this case, we suggest you start the day off right with a deliciously flaky apple turnover.

Alternatively, if you want something you can tear and share with the family for breakfast or even as a snack, this spiced apple and cranberry Christmas tree is the perfect festive feast.

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