25 Recipes To Include Apple In

Apples are a very versatile food, whether you have them fresh as a snack, incorporated into your meals or turned into easy condiments. In fact, apples can be enjoyed for every meal of the day in different forms and can be a welcome ingredient in any kitchen.

For the best results, you’ll want to get yourself some fresh apples, and then you can get creative. But just in case you need some inspiration, we’re going to share 25 ways you can use apples in your recipes, sticking with some classics and also putting a new twist on some old favourites.

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Kickstart your day with apples for breakfast

Fruit is always a great addition to any breakfast. Not only is it tasty, but it can give you that energy boost you need first thing in the morning. There are lots of great breakfast ideas out there that you can add apples to, including smoothies and granola.

For something a little different that’s high in fibre and will fill you up, you could also opt for muffins, bread or pancakes. Some of our favourite recipes include:

Have something savoury for lunch

Lunchtime presents you with another perfect opportunity to get creative and incorporate apples into your recipes. You can enjoy them as part of a sweet treat and a pick me up for the afternoon, keep it savoury or go all out with a mixture of both.

Whether you want something classic and straightforward, like a toasted sandwich, or you’ve got time to make something that bit more special, like a quiche, apples can still make a tasty appearance. Some of our top suggestions include:

Enjoy hearty dinners with an apple twist

It’s well-known that apple pairs beautifully with pork, whether that’s chops, roasted or pulled, making this a great way to add apples to hearty dinners.

However, it pairs well with other meats like chicken or is an ideal way to add a tasty kick to a vegetarian dish. Some of our top dinner recipes include:

A little something for the side

As well as being part of your main meal, there are lots of great ways that apples can be used to create starters, side dishes and condiments to go before or alongside your meal. For example, you could start your meal off with:

Alternatively, you could create something delicious to go alongside your mains or to serve as a side dish at barbecues or dinner parties. Some of our favourite sides with an apple-based twist include:

This can be added to meals such as pork and chicken for an added tangy twist, or it can be used in baking when making bread, cakes, muffins and more.

Finish with the perfect apple dessert

Finally, as we know, the sweetness of apples makes them perfect in so many desserts; the tricky part is choosing which one you want to bake! So, to give you some inspiration for ways you can use apples to create great desserts, check out our top-rated recipes below:

Any one of these desserts can be the ideal way to finish a meal, whether you’ve incorporated apples into any other dishes or just saved the best for last.

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