6 Apple Pie Recipes For Beginners

Apple pie is often recognised as a symbol of America, but there is nothing more British than a traditional apple pie made with tasty Bramley apples. These are the perfect fillings for an apple pie as you get the perfect balance between sweet and acidic flavours, and they cook down to perfection without becoming too soft.

And what event isn’t made better with a classic apple pie for dessert or a teatime treat? It is ideal for special occasions all year round.

In the summer, serve your apple pie with vanilla ice cream or a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Or, for a winter warmer, serve it hot with custard or comforting honey butter. It really is a versatile and delicious dessert!

Best of all, once you get the hang of it, these are fairly straightforward to make and a winner for any dinner party or to finish off that Sunday roast.

But if you’ve never made one before and you’d like to try your hand at baking the perfect apple pie, this guide is for you. Below we have put together a list of six great apple pie recipes for beginners to help get you started, and before long, you’ll be a pro.

1. Easy apple pie

If you’ve not made an apple pie before, that’s ok, but it’s important to start with something simple. Kick your baking career off with this easy apple pie from BBC Good Food. It takes just 30 minutes to prepare and a further 20 to 30 minutes to cook, and serves up to four people. Makes it the perfect dessert for any family dinner.

2. Proper apple pie

Next up, we have a recipe from Good Housekeeping aptly named proper apple pie. This recipe is a double-crusted pie that will rival grandma’s, and it tastes homely and comforting.

Though it takes slightly longer to cook at 40 minutes, the recipe offers handy tips and advice for making the perfect pastry, as well as fruit swaps for when you’ve mastered apple pie and want to branch out.

It is an ideal winter warmer as it has a cinnamon-spiced apple sultana centre. It is perfect served with a dash of cream.

3. Classic apple pie

Let’s take it back to the classic apple pie from The Happy Foodie, originally shared by Mary Berry in her book, My Kitchen Table: 100 Sweet Treats and Puds.

This is a staple dessert for any good baker’s repertoire and features a hint of clove, though these can be removed if you’d prefer. For the full effect, cut some decorative shapes out of the pastry trimmings, such as delicate leaves and put these on top for a beautiful finish.

4. Individual apple pies

For something truly simple that uses a no-roll pastry crust, check out this individual apple pie recipe from Rainy Day Mum. This recipe has been devised for young children and is also perfect for beginners looking to work on their baking skills.

Plus, this can be ideal if you want to create lots of individual small apple pies for an event, perhaps a barbecue in the summer or to impress everyone with their own individual pie after a dinner party.

5. A quick apple pie

Why not let someone else do the hard work for you?

This simple but effective recipe from Jus-Rol uses a 1.5 kg pack of their frozen shortcrust pastry, so you don’t have to make this yourself!

This can be a much quicker way to create an apple pie if you’re stuck on time, as it takes far less time to prepare and less time to cook the traditional pie.

It might be quicker (some might deem it cheating), but it’s a simple and effective way to make a delicious dessert as a beginner.

6. The best apple pie

Let’s end with what Delicious Magazine calls the best apple pie out there. It is said to be inspired by Edith Nesbit‘s The Railway Children, as this was something the children ate for breakfast in the book.

However, this recipe will be just as good served hot or cold, with custard or ice cream. It is simple to prepare and takes 45 minutes to cook (or until golden brown). Try it out!

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