6 Uses For Aseptic Apple Puree In Recipes

Aseptic apple puree is great because it extends the shelf life of perishable fruits, which is ideal in today’s waste-conscious world. Not only this, but the apples are pureed when they are at their ripest and most delicious, making this puree tasty and tangy.

But one of the really great things about aseptic apple puree is that it is so easy to incorporate into loads of wonderful recipes. So, whether you want to use more apples in your restaurant, bakery or any other kitchen for that matter, puree could be the ideal solution.

To give you some inspiration and prove how versatile this ingredient can be, here are six uses for aseptic apple puree, along with a bunch of recipe ideas.

1. Baking tasty cakes

People have been using apples in their cakes for centuries now and for good reason! When added to any cake batter recipe, apple puree helps to retain moisture whilst also adding robust flavour.

But it doesn’t just stop at your classic cake. From loaves to tray bakes, applesauce cakes to muffins, there are loads of great ways you can add aseptic apple puree to your baking this year.

Plus, it’s not just ideal for adding taste and sweetness to your recipes, it can also be used as a substitute for ingredients like butter, oil or eggs. This is great if you want to reduce the amount of calories or fat in your foods or to suit those with allergies and dietary requirements.

2. Mastering a cocktail (or two)

Have you ever thought about adding apple puree to your drinks? There are loads of great ways you can elevate brunch menus, add signature drinks to big events or just offer fun and tasty cocktails to your guests.

From an apple martini to an apple and ginger mojito, you’d be surprised how quickly you can transform a classic cocktail with a bit of fruit puree. Or you could make your apple sours even better and add a little zing to a spiced appletini.

You can also create virgin cocktails and delicious soft drinks using apple puree. For example, apple and pomegranate lemonade will always be a winner, and for something cleansing and tasty, try an apple green tea goddess.

3. Creating delicious desserts

As well as baking with apple purée, there are also loads of delicious desserts you can create as well. Firstly, apple puree can be a very welcome addition to a fruit-based cheesecake. You can use it to add flavour to the creamy cheese centre or as a tasty topping, depending on your chosen recipe.

Alternatively, you can use this puree to create a fruity curd to perfectly finish any pie or tart. You could make smaller individual apple tarts, or a larger dessert to feed the whole family if you prefer.

4. Pairing it with dairy

Are you thinking about making your own fruity-flavoured ice cream? Adding apple puree to your recipe can give you a unique and refreshing flavour that everyone is sure to love. And that’s not the only dairy treat you can make with apples.

You can also add aseptic apple puree to yoghurt, almost like you would with a compote, to give it a nice tangy flavour. Or use this as an additional ingredient in a yoghurt parfait. You can include multiple layers of fruit puree topped with fresh fruits and even a drizzle of honey for a sweet finish.

5. Feeding your little ones

There are loads of baby food recipes out there for creating healthy homemade meals for your little ones or for producing baby food to sell to others. You can choose whether to include this in a main meal or as part of a lovely dessert, but either way, it can be much healthier and contain far fewer preservatives than the shop-bought alternatives.

6. Going savoury

Finally, although not technically a ‘recipe’ aseptic apple puree can also be a great side for savoury dishes. In particular, pork chops or a pork roast will always pair perfectly with applesauce. Alternatively, short ribs also taste better with a bit of a fruity tang.

Another way to use apples in a savoury capacity is to make your own apple butter. There are loads of great recipes online for you to choose from and once you’ve made this, it can be used on bread, toasted muffins and so much more. You could even use it as a base for barbecue food before you put it on the grill.

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