7 Ways To Use Aseptic Apple Puree In Your Cooking

One of the greatest things about aseptic puree is that it is free from any harmful chemicals or preservatives, yet its longer shelf life means you can buy it in bulk to use in your kitchen.

Whether you have a bakery, restaurant or you just love cooking at home, the sweet delicious flavour means there are lots of wonderful things you can use apple puree for. You can create sweet and savoury dishes, as well as bake or use the puree as a substitute for sugar when making healthier food choices.

So, if you already have some apple puree sitting there in the larder or perhaps you’re thinking of buying or making some, we’re here to inspire you. Below, we’ve pulled together a list of seven ways you can use aseptic apple puree in your cooking. These include:

1. Applesauce cake

There are lots of different and delicious cakes you can make with apple sauce, and because it is so sweet, you can even use it as a substitute for sugar in your baking. Alternatively, you can use it s intended to add flavour to your tasty treats.

Apple flavours pair well with cinnamon and other spices, making loaves or apple tea cakes a good option. You could even use it as a drizzle over a cake or in the icing.

And the beauty about using aseptic apple sauce in your cakes is it’s quick and easy. You’ll be serving up a slice for afternoon tea in no time and marvelling at the nostalgia of a classic applesauce cake.

2. Spiced apple bread

On a similar note, applesauce can be used to create tasty loaves of bread for a sweet or savoury treat. Paired once again with cinnamon, this tangy addition to a traditional bread recipe can make for a delicious loaf. You can then try a slice on its own, with butter or covered in honey for a sweet sticky snack.

3. Apple bars

If you live a busy lifestyle or you want healthier snacks to enjoy post-workout, consider making applesauce bars for a quick snack. Best of all, these aren’t packed with preservatives and refined sugar like store-bought fruit bars.

There are lots of exciting recipes online for making apple bars so you can create filling snacks that give you a burst of energy when you need it the most. These can be made with flour, iced or combined with oats for a fruity oat bar.

Plus, you have the option to batch-bake these for sporting events or include them in your bakery. They also make for a quick on-the-go snack for any healthy home.

4. Applesauce as a side with meat

Aseptic apple puree doesn’t always have to be added to food for the perfect recipe; it also pairs well as a side with different meat dishes. The sweet and savoury combination of apple sauce with pork chops is a match made in heaven. You could even add a hint of cinnamon for an extra tang.

And it’s not just pork; German-inspired short ribs can be slow-cooked and paired perfectly with gravy, zingy sauerkraut and applesauce for a hint of sweetness.

So don’t just think about actually cooking with your apple puree, but think about how it can be used as a space to complement other savoury recipes.

5. Apple porridge

Porridge is a very versatile breakfast option, and adding apple puree can give it a tangy, fruity kick for extra energy. You could add a generous scoop of applesauce to your oats and sprinkle it with cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg.

And if you don’t like your oats warm, why not use apple puree in an overnight oats recipe for a chilled breakfast that sets you up for the day.

6. Baby food

Of course, one great use of apple puree is creating delicious baby food that your children will love. Whether you’re using it as part of a meal or a dessert for your little one, homemade food with ascetic apple puree is much healthier than some of the shop-bought alternatives.

7. Apple butter

Something you may not have seen a lot is apple butter. Using apple puree, you can create delicious apple butter for your home, cafe or restaurant and crate something truly unique that many have not had before.

This butter pairs well with a huge array of recipes, including toasted muffins, oatmeal, bread and as a base for food at a barbecue.




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