Apple-based Drink Recipes To Try This Summer

The warmer months are here and you know what that means?

Sunshine, sandals, trips to the beach and grabbing every spare moment you can to sit outside and soak up those rays.

The summer also presents an opportunity for alfresco dining, barbecues, light meals and the sound of ice clinking in your glass as you sip on a cool beverage.

Better still if that beverage is fruity, seriously tasty and, of course, hydrating. And why not incorporate a British favourite, the humble apple, into your menu?

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for drinks this summer, you’ve come to the right place. From cocktails to sodas, here are 15 apple-based drinks recipes that you have to try as the weather heats up.

Tasty cocktails

Is there anything better than a chilled cocktail on a hot summer’s day?

We don’t think so! And these can be enjoyed solo as you sit in your garden or presented to guests in pitchers when hosting a barbecue or party. Or, if you run a business and you’re hoping to add some seasonal drinks to your menu, you’ll want to find the best recipes to impress your customers.

The good news is, there are loads of great cocktails you can make using a combination of apple juice or pressed apples, syrup – whether homemade or shop bought – and fresh apples, usually sliced for a beautiful garnish.

If you want to put an apple twist on a cocktail classic, we recommend you try the following:

Impressive mocktails and soft drinks

We understand that not everyone can or wants to drink, but the great news is there are loads of tasty mocktails and soft drinks you can make as an alternative.

That way, you can still enjoy the celebrations or rehydrate as you sunbathe and sip on a delicious drink, without the need to add booze. Some of the best summer mocktails and soft drinks you should try this year include:

A little something for the kids

Of course, children can try any of the soft drinks and even the mocktails we’ve outlined above. But if you’re thinking about making something special just for your kids (or other children when hosting an event), we’ve got your back.

Children, especially when they’re younger, don’t always like being made to drink water, but it’s important that they stay hydrated when it’s hot outside. So why not try out the following child-friendly apple-based recipes this summer to encourage them to drink:

  • An apple ice cream float – because what child doesn’t love ice cream? Plus, you can combine a tasty drink with a dessert
  • A sparkling caramel apple drink to satisfy their sweet tooth
  • A delicious apple and fruit juice mocktail so they can feel like they’re a part of the celebrations
  • Apple pie punch, which is another perfect way to turn a dessert into a hydrating drink
  • And lastly, a classic but with an extra bit of love as you can hand make a punchy homemade apple juice for everyone to enjoy

So, there you have it, 15 great apple-based drinks you can try this summer. No matter whether you’re on your own and looking for a refreshing treat or you’re trying to impress a crowd. There is something for everyone! From boozy cocktails to refreshing mocktails, you’re sure to find an apple-based drink to suit every taste, age and need.

If you’re using any of these apple-based drinks in your business, you should consider buying larger quantities of apples and related products to help cut costs. You can check out our full range of apple-based products here.

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