Are Bramley Apples the same as cooking apples?

Bramley apples are one type of cooking apples, from the famous Bramley apple trees which date back to the 19th century. They have a sharp, tart taste; their high acid content makes them more pleasant to eat when cooked or baked.

The chemical composition of the Bramley apples makes it one of the best cooking apples, as it breaks down well when baked or boiled. It is ideal for apple sauce and all your favourite desserts such as apple crumble and apple pie, delicious when served with custard!

Bramley Apples

A Bramley apple is one variety of cooking apples; there are many others, such as the Golden Delicious or Granny Smith. Like the Bramley apple, Granny Smith apples tend to be a green colour although the Bramley apple variety often has red flecks on its skin. 

A cooking apple such as the Bramley apple or Granny Smith can be eaten like eating apples, or dessert apples, however their sharp taste means these apples are generally best enjoyed as a baked apple within a dessert or apple sauce. 


Their sweetness can be enhanced during cooking or baking by adding brown sugar and spices such as cinnamon. Although cooking apples are generally not enjoyed as an eating apple or a dessert apple, some people do like to eat them as a palate cleanser. There are also some who are drawn to sour flavours, and these apples are perfectly edible and safe to eat in this way.

Did you know that Bramley apples and their apple trees from Armagh have a tarter taste than those grown in England? They also have Protected Geographical Indication status within the EU.

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