Aseptic Apple Puree Benefits

Based in the heart of Armagh, the Orchard County, Glass Brothers know a thing or two about producing the perfect apple. They’ve been providing apples for the local community since 1963, and have only continued to grow in strength and expertise since.

Glass Brothers provide a range of apple products including pie fillings, pulp puree, milled Bramley apple, aseptic apple puree, and of course: the classic Bramley apple. Each of these products have their own unique benefits and lend themselves excellently to all sorts of products and recipes. You can check out the Glass Brothers blog to see some great recipe ideas using Bramley apples. However, in this month’s blog, we’re going to be looking specifically at aseptic apple puree and the benefits of this product.

Aseptic Puree

When we’re talking to our customers about our aseptic puree, the most common question we’re always asked is, what does aseptic mean? Well, put simply it means free from contamination. It’s the process of removing unwanted bacteria from the puree through a process of flash heating at an extremely high temperature. We carry out the process of making aseptic puree in a sealed and sterile environment to maintain the integrity of the aseptic puree, resulting in a food that is completely free from bacteria and ideal for food safety.

Our aseptic puree comes in a range of sizes depending on your needs, from 20 litre to 1000 litre, and has an excellent shelf life due to the sterile containers they are packaged in: lasting anywhere from 2-3 years. So, what are the benefits of aseptic apple puree?


We’ve already mentioned that aseptic puree is highly beneficial for food safety and maintains high food safety scores, but you can also benefit from proven traceability to where your puree was made, and even where the very apples were grown. This means you can promote your aseptic puree as made “with real fruit”. Products with real fruit have a host of health benefits and encourage customers to get more fruit and as a result, fibre, into their diet. The sweetness that comes with real fruit puree is also natural and does not count as added sugar.

Aseptic puree is minimally processed and so you are retaining all the goodness of the Bramley apple, including colour and flavour. Aseptic apple puree is a great addition to your baby’s diet as it is easy to eat, tastes great, and introduces lots of nutritional value. However, there are lots of other food applications of aseptic apple puree including:

  • Snack Bars
  • Ice creams and Yoghurts
  • Sauces
  • Smoothies and Sorbets
  • Confectionary
  • Baked Goods

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If you would like to know more about our aseptic apple puree, you can visit the product section on our website where we have an area dedicated to each of the products we produce. Alternatively, you can visit the contact section of our website where you can get in touch directly with us. Our telephone number is: 028 38 851263, and our email is info@glassbrothers.co.uk.

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