Bramley Apple Nutrition Benefits

Bramley apples are delicious when cooked and have huge versatility. But are there Bramley apple nutrition benefits? 

As Bramley apple processors we see our Bramley cooking apples used in a huge variety of ways, from apple sauces, and apple butters to pies, turnovers, cakes and crumbles.

But is a cooking apple good for you? 

The simple answer is that cooked apples and raw apples are good for you in a number of ways. 

Eating an apple whole with its skin is a great source of dietary fibre. A high fibre diet is associated with good digestion and gut and bowel health. Cooking apples and eating apples are also packed with antioxidants.

What nutrients are in a Bramley apple?

All apples contain manganese, copper and vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6, albeit in fairly low amounts. However Bramley apples have relatively high levels of vitamin C and potassium.

Vitamin C is crucial for the formation of our blood, bones, muscles and cartilage. Potassium is essential for the normal functioning of the cells in our bodies. It helps to regulate the heartbeat, helps our muscles and nerves function properly, and helps us create proteins and digest carbohydrates. 

Can you eat cooking apples raw?

Cooking apples such as Bramley apples can be eaten raw, and will do you no harm. However, they are well known for their sharp taste when uncooked. Some people enjoy the taste, in which case, Bramley apples can be enjoyed uncooked as a healthy one of your five a day.

Most people prefer the taste of Bramley apples when cooked. The reason they are such a popular cooking apple is twofold. Firstly the taste – pleasantly sweet without being saccharine which makes it ideal for desserts and pudding sauces. 

The texture of Bramley apples is what sets it apart from other cooking apples. It becomes pleasantly soft without disintegrating. This gives it a very enjoyable mouthfeel and makes it easier to cook, which is why you see Bramley apples used in such a wide variety of dishes and recipes. 

Healthy recipe ideas for Bramley apples

Bramley apples have a delicious sweetness when cooked, while maintaining good texture. Adding warm stewed apples to a bowl of porridge or wheat cereal can be a lovely way to start the day. Throw in some chia seeds for texture and an added boost of potassium, raspberries or blueberries for a sharp, fruity contrast, or a dollop of natural yoghurt.

Although they’re a great sweet treat, Bramley apples can also be enjoyed in savoury dishes. Try a nourishing apple and onion sauce with your evening meal, an apple coleslaw with your lunch, or added to a soup to enjoy on the go. 

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