Bramley Apple Processors 

Bramley Apple Processors

From the thousands of varies of apples out there, the Bramley apple is said to be a cook’s favourite.  It’s large and green in appearance with a sharp flavour, which is all down to a balance of low level sugar and high level of malic acid.

Bramley apples are not usually eaten raw due to their sharp flavour, but when cooked, they are sweet, tangy and with a delicious ‘melt in your mouth’ texture.  In comparison to dessert apples, they also keep a firm texture. Perfect for baking and home cooking.

At Glass Brothers we’re proud to be Bramley apple processors. Our aim is to always produce quality apple products first time and every time for our customers. What’s special about us – is that we can promise complete traceability from our Co. Armagh orchards to the finished apple product.

How Does our Process Work?

At Glass Brother we process the Bramley apple into a range of products. We specialise in everything from diced and sliced apple to apple puree and apple pie filling. And we’ve got an excellent customer service team to make sure you get the right apple for your product.

Quality is everything to us, which is why we have extensively invested in our in-house storage facilities. This ensures that our customers can have fresh and tasty Bramley apples all year round.  Here’s how the process goes…

  • Bud Development
  • Spraying
  • Pollination
  • Fruit Set
  • Harvest

We’ve been apple processing for over 55 years with new planting carried out in 2008, 2014 and 2018, with new planting planned for early 2021. To ensure the best quality we manage all of our own orchards and carry out a unique spray programme overseen by a fully qualified agronomist.

This means the correct products are applied at the correct time to ensure maximum benefit in set, yield and quality. Harvest takes place annually from mid September to end of Oct. This is a manual process and managed by ourselves. Once picked the fruit must be cooled and stored.

Each Bramley apple picked is stored immediately after. Our updated and innovative storage facilities all contain Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO), meaning the apples are maintained at 5% CO2 and 1% O2, to prevent them from ripening.  This storage systems results in the bramley apple remaining fresh, firm and greener for longer.

The Finished Product…

Fresh Bramley Apple

One of our best sellers is our fresh Bramley apple.  This can keep for between 4 or 21 days. This product is always made to order so you’ll receive your product with the greatest time span of usability.

Apple Pie Filling

Another customer favourite is our ready to use apple pie filling. The simple and easy to use filling is made from a blend of starch and sugar and is available in a wide variety of cuts and in 15-25kg bags.


We try to make the most of our delicious apples, creating pulps and purees with the skins and trimming. At Glass Brothers we also specialise in milled apple ideal for creating texture in a product.

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