Guide To Milled Apples And Their Uses

The Bramley apple is well-recognised as the UK’s best apple for cooking with, and for good reason. It has a unique flavour, it is robust so it cooks well, and it can add the perfect texture to many dishes.

What’s more, there are lots of different ways these apples can be processed and then used in the kitchen. Some of the most popular ways these apples are processed and sold include as a puree, pie filling or milled.

Each process is unique in itself, and this gives the different style of apples their own taste and texture. But there’s one type in particular that is most beneficial if you want to create flavour and texture in your food, and that is milled apple.

But what exactly is milled apple, and how can it be used?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to find out.

What is milled apple?

Milled apple is the result of mashing the flesh of the apple to create a fine consistency. The final product often looks as if the apple has been shredded or grated. Once the milled apple has been produced, it must then be preserved so it can be packaged and either sold or used for cooking.

The type of preservative used will depend on the final application of the milled apple, though typically, it is used in more savoury recipes as a way of adding texture to food. However, that is not the only use of milled apples, and we’ll look at this in more detail next.

Uses for milled apple

The way these different apples are prepared makes them ideal for different recipes. For example, apple puree can be used to make sauces and even baby food. When it comes to milled apples, there are plenty of applications, including:

Condiments and sauces

One of the most obvious condiments to make with your milled apple is a delicious apple sauce. This is typically paired with pork, though that is not the only use. Apple sauce can also be used in desserts as a low-fat or vegan substitute for fat or eggs.

Another great use for apples is in this tangy apple barbecue glaze, perfect for ribs or steaks on a summer’s day.

Of course, you can always use these sauces for something sweet and an apple dessert sauce pairs well with cake, ice cream and pie.


Milled apple is perfect for making mincemeat as it is tasty and has the ideal texture. This can be used to put an exciting twist on a classic mince pie, which can be particularly great during the festive season.

But it can also be used year-round for pies and for other tasty treats like apple and mincemeat crumbles.

Baked goods

We’ve already touched on a number of treats and baked delights, but there are so many more recipes that can benefit from the addition of milled apples. Apple pie is a classic, but for a dessert that offers an interesting texture, shredded apple pie is a fun option.

You could also pair milled apple with oats in a number of ways. You could create a tasty porridge or granola for breakfast. Or, for a healthier snack, think about apple and oatmeal cookies or flapjacks.


There are lots of variations on the apple cake, whether that’s a traditional apple cake or something more creative like a traybake. Apple muffins are also a winner and can be used as an alternative to fatty, sugar-filled snacks.

But whatever you choose to make, milled apple works just as  well in cakes as it does in the aforementioned baked goods. It not only adds flavour and texture, but it can also help to keep your cake moist during the baking process.


Last but certainly not least, milled apples can be used to make both sweet and savoury loaves of bread. You can even add a spicy twist by including cinnamon in your apple bread for something warming and unique.

It might be a little overkill, but depending on how much you love apples, you could even make your own apple butter or jam to pair with your bread. However, we suggest keeping it classic with traditional butter.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can use milled apples in the kitchen, and these are just some of the most popular recipes. Get creative, and you can come up with even more exciting dishes and desserts using milled apples.

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