How long will Bramley Apples keep?

Bramley apples are one of the late apple varieties. This means that Bramley apple processors usually harvest around November when late varieties are ready to harvest.

Increasingly, bramley apples for long term storage are harvested from late august onwards. Early harvesting by Bramley apple processors dramatically accentuates the development of scald – dark blotches caused by gas emissions from ripening fruit in storage. 

However, this can be effectively mitigated if they are treated after harvest. SmartFreshSM is a popular treatment post-harvest. Apples stored correctly helps prevent the development of superficial scald and other undesirable effects.

Late Bramley apples will keep for at least four or five weeks before fruit is ready for cooking or consumption. Depending on the variety, Bramley apples picked early will keep for several months, if the fruit are treated correctly and wise storage employed. 

As long as fruit are kept in storage conditions which allows air to circulate, Bramley apple varieties – usually used as cooked apples and dessert apples – can be picked from the apple tree when unripe. 

Bramley apple processors prefer storage containers which allow air to circulate. Slatted wooden crates are ideal, but wooden and plastic trays can be effective. Unripe bramley apples can be picked as long as fruit is medium sized and free of blemishes. Gently twist to see how ready they are to be picked – unripe apples with stalks intact are fine. 

To protect them from weather conditions, store ripening Bramley apples indoors. The storage needs to be fairly cool, slightly humid and free of course from pests and vermin who may eat the fruit. 

If you spot any blemishes or mould on apples, remove them as these can quickly spread to healthy Bramley apples in the same container. 

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