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Aseptic Puree

We’re sure most of your have tried apple puree at some point in life. Sweet, delicious and working in many different recipes, puree is a versatile food type. (Watch our News Blog for some recipes we’ll be providing soon!) As the leading suppliers of aseptic Bramley Apple puree in the UK to many major manufacturers, we thought it was about time we wrote a bit about aseptic puree to help you learn more about what it is and what the benefits are.

So, what does aseptic mean?

Aseptic means free from contamination. The process is hugely beneficial for food safety, removing unwanted bacteria and microbes. The puree is completely free from harmful bacteria through a process of flash heating at a high temperature to remove unwanted microorganisms, then immediately cooled to maintain sterility. The product is packaged into a sterile container and hermetically sealed to maintain the aseptic state. This entire process is carried out in a sealed environment to maintain the integrity of the aseptic process.

Our aseptic fruit purees can be provided in a variety of sizes:

  • 20 litre bag in box
  • 20 litre bag in crate
  • 200 litre bag in drum
  • 1000 litre Pallecon

The great thing about aseptic packaging is the storage benefits and therefore the cost benefits. Not only is this puree ready to be used straight away without any further processing, but if you want to store it, it couldn’t be easier! Unlike many packaged foods that have to be kept chilled, our aseptic apple puree can be stored at ambient temperatures and have a shelf life of 12 months, meaning you can worry less about the running costs of your storage cooling facilities.

There are many other benefits to this process, including the nutritional value of our puree. Our process protects the nutritious content of our apples and no preservatives or allergens are added, meaning the product you receive is 100% Bramley Apple grown from our own orchards.


If you’d like to learn more about our aseptic puree, why not email us at info@glassbrothers.co.uk You can also give us a call on 028 3885 1263. Our website: www.glassbrothers.co.uk , has information on the other products we provide too, so why not have a look at what we have to offer.

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