Processing the Bramley Apple

Glass Brothers was founded in 1963, and since then have been growing Bramley apples for sale locally and across the UK. Their first purpose-built facility was erected in 1998 in Armagh. Known as the Orchard County for its many orchards, Armagh is the perfect location for apple growing. This is because of the abundance of limestone rock in the area which produces the well-drained loam soil which allows apple to grow and thrive. Apple tree roots can penetrate this soil deeply and access plenty of essential nutrients.

Bramley Apple Distributers

As Bramley apple distributers, Glass Brothers know the hard work it takes to make sure all the apples they grow are processed to the highest quality. Orchards in Armagh look very different compared to how they did many years ago. The thriving apple industry means that orchards are now planted at a much higher tree density, which as a result has caused the trees to be more compact and dwarfed in size and therefore producing apples at a much younger age. The tree is more focused on producing fruit than diverting its energy into growth when in a compact area – this means a large yield for farmers growing apples in county Armagh.


So, what is the process for growing the best apples? Quality is everything for Glass Brothers, which is why over the years they have continued to grow their facilities to further help their produce all year round. There are 5 key stages to the process:

  • Bud Development
  • Spraying
  • Pollination
  • Fruit Set
  • Harvest

Each of these stages are a process and are taken with great care. From their establishment in 1963, there have been multiple stages of growth with new orchard planting being carried out in 2008, 2014, and 2018. Glass Brothers first started producing canned Bramley apples in 1969, then opened their first chilled facility in 1997. Their storage was then upgraded in 2011 to ULO, with the completed ULO cold stores being upgraded in 2017. ULO stands for Ultra Low Oxygen, meaning the apples are stored at 5% Co2 and 1% o2 to prevent them from ripening. It is this process that allows Glass Brothers to maintain their apples at such a high standard for so long, allowing consumers to have fresh green apples all year round.

Not only are the facilities at Glass Brothers regularly updated and under a dedicated maintenance schedule, but they also employ agronomists who have a deep knowledge of their field of work and experts who know exactly how to aid the growth and development of the perfect apple. Aside from the fresh Bramley apple straight from the orchard, there are 4 other extremely popular apple products that Glass Brothers supply:

  • Pie Fillings
  • Pulp Puree
  • Aseptic Puree
  • Milled Apples

Each of these products are made solely from Glass Brothers Bramley apples and are full of the unique and delicious flavour of Bramley. It is important all apple products are carefully preserved, and Glass Brothers make sure to include this in their process with either ascorbic acid or sodium metabisulphite. Both of these have their own benefits and drawbacks, which is why they consider carefully which to use and also take into consideration the customer preference.

Delicious Experience!

Regardless of what product or preservative you opt for, you can be guaranteed a delicious experience. Whether you are a sweet or a savoury person, there is no limit to what these apples can be used for. If you have a browse of the Glass Brothers blog, you’ll even come across a recipe or two on how to best make use of the Bramley apple.

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