We blend the Bramley apple with sugar and starch to provide the customer with a ready to use filling.

These can be made to customer specifications for either baked products or ready to eat applications.


The apple can be either preserved with ascorbic acid or sodium metabisulphite depending on the customer end product and end use. Out standard range of filling contain potassium sorbate to give shelf life, this is absent in our clean label range.

Clean Labelled

This is an apple filling with the preservatives removed, We use the ascorbic acid as a processing aid and do not include potassium sorbate. This filling has a more applely flavour and less of an after taste in your mouth. This product is made to order to maximise the shelf life for customer’s use.


We use various formats for our pie fillings:

10Kgs tamper evident buckets
20-25Kgs bag in crate
500Kg dolavs
1000kgs Stainless steel pressurised tanks.

All packaging is food grade and returnable (except bucket) and the bags are recyclable.


Our standard range of pie filling cuts are as follows:

Diced – 10mm or 15mm for a uniform piece size for individual desserts
Sliced or Patisserie – for large pies and crumbles
Kitchen Cut – random cut to resemble hand chopped apple