We are the leading supplier of aseptic Bramley apple puree in the UK with over 10 years supply to some of the major manufacturers.

Our aseptic puree has:

12 months shelf life
No preservatives just 100% Bramley Apple
Can be stored ambient


The aseptic puree comes in the following formats:

20 litre bag in box
20 litre bag in crate
200 litre bag in drum
1000 litre Pallecon

Our aseptic bulk liner has unrestricted flow of product when decanting it can be operated over 300 times and will also withstand steam sterilisation. This gives our customers the best option for flexibility for having stock when they need it whilst maintaining the integrity of the product. The aseptic puree can be stored ambient until it is opened leaving customers more space in their chills for fresh apple!

Our aseptic puree has all the labelling benefits you could wish for, no preservatives, no allergens, nothing hidden, nothing added just 100% Bramley apple with 12months shelf life.