The Bramley Apple is renowned as the superior cooking apple due to its sharp and characteristic flavour. The unique flavour of the Bramley apple is due to the high level of malic acid and low level of sugar (the opposite in fact to a dessert apple). Bramley apple also has a great texture to withstand cooking.


Fresh Bramley apples can be either preserved with ascorbic acid or sodium metabisulphite. Apple preserved in ascorbic acid has a short shelf life of up to 6 days whereas apple preserved in Sodium metabisulphite has up to 21 days depending on strength used. All apple is made to order so you receive your delivery with maximum shelf life.


We have a range of standard cuts, variations of the below are available, please contact us to discuss requirements.
Slices – 12ths, 16ths, 18ths, 24ths (this relates to the number of segments per apple, higher the number the thinner the slice)
Diced – 5mm, 10mm, 15mm
Farmhouse Cut – 15mm x 15mm x 65mm, ideal for deep pies and crumbles
Irregular Cut or Chips – 12mm x 12mm x 65mm
Kitchen Cut and Chunky Cuts – these are random cuts to resemble hand chopped apple.
Half Slice – some of the slices are cut across the middle giving a blend of half and whole pieces.
Milled – apple is milled to a fine mash consistency, commonly used in mincemeat and condiments.


Our fresh chilled range is available in the following formats:
15Kgs bag in carton
20-25Kgs bag in crates

All our liners are food grade and can be recycled by our customers. The plastic crates are returnable to us. Our pallets are shrouded and then stretch wrapped to ensure they reach the customer in the same condition as they despatched.